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How To Make A Footnote In PowerPoint and Google Slides

Pack of 6 slides

How To Make A Footnote In PPT Template

Need help to footnote to the slide? Then you are at the right place. SlideEgg provides you with a bundle of templates explaining how to add a footnote to the slides.

Use these easy procedures to add footnotes to slides to create a professional presentation. Go through these steps to make your procedure easy and flexible.

How To Make A Footnote In PowerPoint Presentation?

Step 1:  Open PowerPoint and select home. Now select the font group from the list of icons.
Step 2: Now select subscript from the dialog box and enter ok.
Step 3: Click on the insert bar and select header and footer.
Step 4: A drop down dialogue box appears; select the footer and type the number. Press ok.

Other steps make this process simple. You can download edited templates from SlideEgg and make your presentation a success.

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