Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

The practices, directives and information stated herein describe the Terms & Conditions of the usage of Slideegg (hereafter referred to as ‘us’, ‘we’ and ‘our’) pertaining to our website www.slideegg.com. These Terms & Conditions are also applicable to other web and mobile applications that may be owned or operated by Slideegg in the present or future.

These Terms & Conditions are applicable to all browsers, visitors, subscribers, account holders, vendors, third parties and all other entities engaging with, browsing, purchasing services, availing features of Slideegg or in any way dealing with us.

Please read and understand the Terms & Conditions carefully before accessing the website features and using its services. Usage of the services, features and products on this website is deemed to be an acceptance and adherence to the Terms & Conditions mentioned herein.

These Terms & Conditions along with the Privacy Policy of Slideegg are a legally binding agreement between Slideegg and its users, visitors or browsers. These Terms & Conditions govern the use of our services by our visitors & browsers and do not govern any visitor, third-party website or entity itself.

Any individual using the Slideegg platform must be at least 16 years of age. Any user under the age of 18 years may use this website under parental or adult supervision.

Accounts, Registration & Access

Visitors to our website can create a user account on the website in order to use its additional features that are activated upon registration. To do so, a visitor must complete the registration process by providing all the information prompted by the registration form such as name, e-mail address, password, username, billing information etc. The information provided by you must be genuine, complete and current. You agree to not use the username, name or identity of another entity or trademark as other thank yourself without any express authorization for the same. Upon registration, a user is bound by the Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions stated herein, a contract to which there is no pre-determined conclusion. Slideegg reserves the right to deny you registration without reason.

You agree to protect your password and not share it with anybody. Any activities undertaken through this account are your sole responsibility should you engage any third party, employee or agent to use your account, you agree to apprise and bind them by the Terms & Conditions stated herein. Should your account suffer from any mismanagement, breach of security or unauthorised actions, you agree to intimate us about the same at the earliest.

Upon registration, you can log in to your Slideegg account from other third-party portals and social networking platforms such as Google, Facebook etc. As such, these third-party platforms and search engines are not governed by the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy stated herein. You agree to comply by the respective Terms & Conditions conforming with such platforms.

Slideegg holds the discretion to access your account in order to provide any support, maintenance, security features or updates. You consent to the same by registering with us.

Contests & Promotions

From time to time, Slideegg or any of our advertising partners may conduct contests and promotions on our website. Each of these contests and promotions is governed by their own set of additional rules and regulations which will be published on our website at the time of the launch of such contests.

In the event that you wish to participate in any of these contests or promotions, you need to expressly provide your consent to the additional Terms & Conditions pertaining to such contest. Should there be a conflict between the Terms & Conditions stated herein with that of the contests’, the Terms & Conditions specific to the contest shall prevail above all else.

Further, some additional information and personally identifiable information may be required to be collected from those subscribers who wish to participate in such contests or promotions. This data collected shall be used solely for the purpose of conducting the contest for administration, points, rewards and other features and purposes. Slideegg shall not share or distribute such data to any third-parties, except those who are involved in conducting or supporting any elements or features of the contest.

License From Slideegg

Upon registering with Slideegg you are granted a limited, revocable non-exclusive and non-transferable license to the following activities with regard to our website:

·      View the content on our website entirely for personal use without any authorization to share, modify or distribute such content. Retain ownership of content, information and data shared by you on Slideegg. Users do not hold the right to transfer, modify or distribute any content from Slideegg to any third parties. Users do not hold the right to replicate, timeshare, relicense, lend or lease their subscription with Slideegg to any third-parties. 

Subscription Fees

Upon expiry of the free trial period of subscription with Slideegg, visitors can sign up for any of the paid subscription plans. If visitors fail to do so, you agree that Slideegg may terminate your free trail registration with any notice. 

Slideegg offers a variety of subscription plans that differ in services, products, pricing and features. Each incremental plan comes at a higher price. Should a user wish to subscribe to a particular plan, it is agreed that the user will pay all the fees applicable to the chosen plan along with any additional fees or applicable taxes as the case may be. Information on the pricing, charges and taxes of all plans are available on the Slideegg website.

Upon registering for a certain plan, you agree that the billing amount may vary from cycle to cycle due to certain promotions, applicable taxes and charges in your plan initiated by you. You authorize Slideegg to bill you for the said changes without any prior intimation. 

Payments & Billings

For the purpose of registration for any of the subscription plans, users are required to provide valid payment details. Payments due are billed on a periodic basis which you agree to clear at a stipulated time every period. Billing details and correspondence is done with the contact information furnished by users at the time of registration.

In the event that you wish you upgrade or downgrade the nature of your subscription, you agree that the same comes into effect only in the next billing cycle and no pro-rata billing, refunds or adjustments shall be made in the current cycle.

You agree that Slideegg holds the sole discretion to change the pricing of its various plans of subscription at any time. Such changes will come into effect only from the next billing cycle and not the current one. Intimation for such changes in pricing shall be made through a note on the Slideegg website or via e-mail. Additionally, any discounts or offers applicable in previous subscriptions or cycles may not apply in the current or future subscriptions. It is the sole responsibility of users to apprise themselves of such changes in pricing. Slideegg shall not be held liable for any damages or losses arising out of the same.

In the event of non-payment of dues, you agree that Slideegg holds the right to deactivate your access to your account indefinitely.

Account Cancellation & Refunds

You can get a refund as long as you ask for it within 10 days after the renewal and you have not downloaded any slides/template on our website, either free or Premium. In other words, you can get a refund if you have not made use of your subscription.

All purchases and renewals under promotional conditions (bundles, discounts or negotiated price) are non-refundable.

Environmental issues of your local device (software, hardware) do not force a refund of your subscription. Our technical team will do its best to help you use our slides.

We reserve the right to reject your refund request if your request refers to the recurring payment or non-controlled undesired renewals.

Maintenance & Technical Support

You agree that Slideegg holds the discretion to conduct any scheduled or non-scheduled maintenance on our website with or without intimating our visitors and subscribers. Such maintenance may cause our services and features to be partially or fully suspended for an indefinite period of time for which Slideegg shall not be held liable or accountable in any way.

Slideegg provides maintenance and support to its paid subscribers through 24/7 e-mail and chat support. Representatives from Slideegg shall get in touch with its subscribers to provide the necessary technical support at the earliest. There is no stipulated time frame within which the said support shall be extended. You agree that Slideegg is in no way liable for any damages or loss occurring to you in the event that such technical support is not provided in time for you to avoid such loss or damage.

In the event that the PowerPoint presentation downloaded by our subscriber is not customizable or contains files apart from PowerPoint elements, the support team at Slideegg shall extend its expertise in helping our subscribers solve the issues.

Service Failures

Slideegg does not hold any liability or guarantee against any website breakdowns or downtime which are caused by any network or server failures, internet failures, equipment or system failures from the visitor’s end or from Slideegg. We are also not liable for any losses or damages arising out of scheduled maintenance cycles of our website, in addition to downtime caused by events beyond our control such as war, natural disasters, internet interruptions, government restriction and others in areas of your location or of the servers of Slideegg.

Violation of Terms & Conditions

It is on the discretion of Slideegg to ascertain the nature and extent of violation of the Terms & Conditions stated herein. In such cases, it is entirely upon the discretion of Slideegg to reject, restrict or suspend access to our website in whole or in part on a permanent or temporary basis. Such action can be undertaken without issuing any prior notice. Slideegg also reserves the right to take legal action, claim damages or file charges against such parties that have partaken in the violation is these Terms & Conditions.

Changes In Terms & Conditions of Service

Slideegg reserves the right to modify or cease its services and offerings at any time, permanently or temporarily, without any prior intimation or notice. The right to change the pricing of any service, feature or product also rests with Slideegg, an intimation for which will be given 30 days prior to such change. Such intimation can be given by way of e-mail or through a note on our website.

Usage of our website and its service is deemed to be an agreement to the right of Slideegg to alter, permanently or temporarily, the Terms & Conditions mentioned herein, with the current version of the same governing your use of our website’s services. Continual usage of the website is deemed to be an agreement to the Terms & Conditions mentioned herein. Slideegg cannot be held liable for any visitor’s lack of awareness of changes in the Terms & Conditions. It is the visitor’s responsibility to stay updated with the current version of the Terms & Conditions.

Users’ Rights & Liabilities

You also agree that by subscribing or registering with Slideegg, you give us the right to use your membership for our promotional and advertising activities. If you wish to be excluded from the same, you hold the right to contact us and expressly state to not be included in the same.

Users agree to exercise their own discretion in using the services of Slideegg. Slideegg is not in any way liable to visitors or any third party due to any damage arising out of the usage of our services. This is including damages from loss of service, loss of data, unauthorised access or modification to your data, violation of third-party rights or any other reason of loss or damage.

Slideegg shall not be held responsible if the service does not meet the visitors’ expectations in terms of timelines, security, reliability, accuracy quality, privacy or any other element of expectations. You agree that Slideegg shall not be held liable to change any aspect of their service or product based on the expectation of the visitor. You agree that Slideegg uses third party vendors, service providers and hosts to provide the necessary software, services and required technologies.

User Content

Users agree that when they upload content on our platform, they give us the license to publicly display, broadcast, reproduce, adapt and modify such content in whole or in part on or through our platform. Such content uploaded by users shall be entirely under their ownership with no infringement on the rights of any third-party or any intellectual property rights, rights of privacy or otherwise.

 This content can be used by third-parties associated with Slideegg without giving you any compensation for the same. Should any content shared by you be defective or inappropriate, Slideegg reserves the right to remove that same without prior notification to you.

Users agree that they do not hold the right to make any changes or modifications to the services of Slideegg. Users do not have any right to distribute, resell, reproduce or copy any product or service from Slideegg. Users shall not attempt to reengineer, hack or alter any aspect of the services or technology of Slideegg. Users agree to not remove or alter any legal notices or other pieces of information on the Slideegg websites or post any illegal, defamatory or abusive content, messages, pictures or any other information on the Slideegg website.

You agree that all the services and products of Slideegg are intellectual properties of Slideegg and Slideegg owns the absolute right and ownership of the same. You agree that the absolute and complete title, right, ownership, intellectual property and interest in the services, products and features of Slideegg rest with Slideegg and no claim can be made against the same.