Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


The practices, directives, and information stated herein describe the Privacy Policy of Slideegg (hereafter referred to as ‘us,’ ‘we’ and ‘our’) about our website This Privacy Policy is also suitable for different web and mobile applications that may be owned or operated by Slideegg in the present or the future.


Scope Of Privacy Policy


This Privacy Policy applies to the visitors and users of this platform. It highlights the regulations, directives, data collection, and management practices followed by us, along with the rights and responsibilities associated with such collection and management. As such, the ‘Collector’ or ‘Controller’ of this information (included referred to as ‘Customer Information’ & ‘Information) is Slideegg, and the same may be processed by any third-party (herein referred to as ‘Processor’) on behalf of the controller.

It is also in the bandwidth of Slideegg to offer services to other third-party web and mobile applications (herein related to as ‘Clients’) to access our software & code to examine user interaction and usage of our platform by visitors. As such, our customers are the controllers of any data collected in such an engagement, concerning analyzing or utilizing the said information. This Privacy Policy governs the use of our services by our clients and does not administer any client website itself. 


Collection of Information


Device Information 

 When a user visitors our website, information is collected by their browser from their device and shared with our website server and host. This information is classified as ‘device information’ and may include:

  • IP Address

  • Their geographical location

  • Device information such as device IMEI number, the device’s operating system, browser used, etc

  • Information on their prior visits to our website

  • Date and Time of their visit to our website

  • Name & URL of the file(s) requested

Referral Information 

We may receive information on visitors arriving on our webpage from other websites from the prior website in question. This information is ‘referral information,’ which the previous website shares with us through the HTTP request. As such, referral information is also shared from search engines to the Slideegg server and website host following the HTTP request. 

Subscription & Registration Information 

 If a particular website visitor chooses to sign-up for newsletter subscriptions or registers on the Slideegg website, the information shared by the said user such as the name, e-mail address, date of birth, billing address may be used by Slideegg to process the subscription or registration request, as the case may be. 

Information Shared in The Contact Form 

Any user sharing their contact details on the ‘Contact Us’ portal of our website may share voluntary information (only sharing e-mail address is mandatory) to enable a representative to contact them regarding their query. This information shared by our visitors is accessible to Slideegg. 


Use of Visitor Information


The information collected or received by Slideegg in any of the means as mentioned above or sources can be used by us for various purposes. These include:

Communicating With the Visitor 

 Your contact information, such as your e-mail address, may be used to communicate and share our products and services with you. It can also be used to validate, authenticate, or authorize any action undertaken by you on our website as a security protocol. In the case of necessary billing regulations and obligations, your personal information may be used to contact you. Your information may also be used to apprise you of any upgrades in our services. Lastly, your contact information can also help Slideegg prevent any frauds, illegal activities, or violation of the Terms & Conditions stated on the Slideegg website. 

Personalize Your Experience 

The information shared from your device to our website may be used to facilitate easy usage of our website by establishing a smooth connection as well as helping Slideegg with some administrative activities. 

Improve Our Website

We are continuously examining ideas to promote ourselves and assist you more reliable. In such regard, we may use your information for our business purposes and interests. Information collected from you or received by us through your device can help us understand your satisfaction from our products and services and ascertain ways of serving you better.

Right to Information

The power to information shared by visitors through all of the above means and sources rests with the visitor. The visitor holds the right to edit, modify, delete the said information at any time should it be inaccurate or for any other reason that you wish to withhold or change this information. Visitors can do so by editing their subscription/registration information or contacting the support team at Slideegg. 

Protection of Your Information

We undertake a host of measures to ensure that your personal information is safe with us through the usage of a secure server. Further, any credit or transaction information, as well as your private details associated with the same, are transmitted via SSL technology to be also encrypted by the associated payment gateways’ security systems. 

Upon subscription or registration of users on our website, the password provided by you is entirely confidential and known to no one. Further, the end-to-end encryption of your password is not visible on means of usage and hence providing complete security to your information. 

Any information shared by you on our website, whether public or private, will not be sold, transferred, exchanged or shared with any company for any reason at all without prior consent from you, unless the law requires us to act such, or we may need to perform such for our safety, property, rights or interests. This, however, does not apply to situations when the same needs to be shared to deliver a product or service requested by you.

Storage of Information

The information shared by you is stored on our website hosting providers and servers that provide the corresponding hardware, software, hosting environment, and other necessary technologies that are required to help us run our website & its product and service offerings. The payment and transaction information shared by you is stored in proper compliance with PCI DSS requirements. 


Usage of Cookies

The Cookies are parts of data that are transferred by a website or its host server to the visitor’s computer, mobile, or any other device to be stored on the hard drive of the system. These cookies may be saved either for the duration that the visitor is on the website or permanently. Cookies are collected only if you accept or consent to the same upon opening the webpage. 

Cookies help the website host server recognize your IP address and save certain information to improve your browsing experience. It also identifies repeated visitors and helps enhance their interaction with the website by assessing surfing patterns, site preferences, diagnose problems, perform traffic analysis, and execute administrative services of our website. 

Slideegg adopts the usage of cookies for the reasons above. However, no personal information such as name, e-mail address, contact details, and other personally identifiable information is included in any of our cookies. If you wish, you can enable settings in your browser to warn you each time our website sends cookies to your computer hard drive. Alternatively, you can also choose to turn off all cookies using the said settings and want to ‘disable cookies.’ 


Disclosure of Information to Third Parties


Third-Party Links

About some features or offerings, we may showcase third-party links on our website. Visitors must note that the regulations and clauses mentioned in our Privacy Policy herein do not pertain to these third links. As such, these links and third websites are governed by their respective privacy policies. Slideegg is neither responsible nor liable for any exchange of information between our visitors and these websites or any activities or content posted on these websites. Users access and engage with such third-party links and websites on their judgment and discretion. 

Information Disclosure to Third-Parties

Slideegg does not share, disclose, trade, transfer or sell any of your information, personally identifiable information or otherwise, to any third-party websites. However, this does not include those third-parties who are entrusted with helping us run our website or any particular feature on the site that is directly or indirectly related to business purposes or improving our services to you. As such, these entrusted third-parties are in agreement with our website to not disclose or share information with any other parties. 

Social Media Plug-Ins on Slideegg

Our website houses widgets of various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. to increase our brand awareness and presence across all platforms. This is also done for advertising purposes and to strengthen our legitimate interests. Clicking on their widgets leads our site visitors to our pages on the respective social media platform. 

If you access social media through any of these plug-ins hosted on our website, your browser connects directly to the said platform. In such an action, the said social media platform receives information that your browser has attached to its platform through our website. This information shared may include your IP address and details of your registration/ subscription with Slideegg and can be used by the social media platform for advertising, analytics, market research, and other activities of business interest. 

Website Security 

Slideegg has undertaken various measures to ensure your information is held securely without any scope for loss, destruction, mismanagement, or manipulation. All employees engaged in working with our website are on board and obliged to comply with our data and visitor interests protection clauses. We are constantly scanning to promote our assistance and security models offered to our visitors and in this regard, continuously update our security mechanisms and Privacy Policy with information or clauses as necessary. 

The Slideegg website uses the widespread SSL (Secure Socket Layer) process with a new encryption mechanism. The validation of the same is the closed key or closed lock symbol on the status bar of your browser for our website. 

California Online Privacy Protection Act Compliance

 As Slideegg is committed to protecting your privacy, we have adopted the necessary precautions and guidelines complying with the California Online Privacy Protection Act. Following the same, we shall not share your information with any outside third-party without obtaining your prior consent. 

Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act Compliance

Slideegg complies with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. Hence, following the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act Compliance (COPPA), our website does not collect information or in any way, engage with children below 13 years of age. Should we learn that we have personally identifiable information or any information of a child below the age of 16 through subscription, registration, or otherwise, we shall remove it. In this regard, should any visitor believe that we have any information on a child below the age of 13 years, notify us by contacting our support team. 


Changes in Privacy Policy

Every clause, legality, and information mentioned in this Privacy Policy is currently valid. From Time to Time, it may be necessary for us to update this Privacy Policy based on any enhancements to the website or your product/service offering. 

If any changes made to this privacy policy are significant, we may intimate visitors through a note on the website or via e-mail. Nevertheless, it is the sole accountability of the visitor to inform themselves of the clauses specified in this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy is available at all times on our website, except in situations of website maintenance. Visitors may access or print the Privacy Policy for their reference and information. Usage of the website by visitors is considered as a deemed consent to this policy. 

Privacy Rights & Information

Should any visitors of Slideegg have any concerns, queries, or questions regarding the regulations and clauses of the Privacy Policy stated herein, they can approach us by contacting our representative, and we can address the said concerns.