Tips: How To Remove Background In PowerPoint Slides

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Easy Guide To Clear The Background In PowerPoint

Beautiful backgrounds will add more visual appeal to your slides. But some background may distract the audience's attention from the core concept. So, you may need to eliminate diverting backgrounds from your slides. This tutorial gives you the steps to remove backgrounds in PowerPoint slides.

Presentations can have four types of backgrounds

Steps for removing the solid fill background

Step 1: Select the slide in which you are trying to clear the background.
Step 2: Click on the Design tab from the menu bar.
Step 3: Select the Format background option to get the Format Background options. 
Step 4: Click the Solid Fill option.
Step 5: Click the color drop-down option and choose white color.
Step 6: Select Apply to All button to remove the background for the entire presentation.

Now, you can see the clear white background in your slides. I hope you have learned the tips to remove the background. Stay tuned with SlideEgg to explore more PowerPoint tips and tricks.

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