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Identify How To Save PowerPoint As Video Templates Design

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Saving PowerPoint As Video

Converting the PowerPoint into video takes less time compared to any other converters. It can also be well-trimmed, and the required voice-over can be added at ease, more like a one-stop solution than toggling between different software.

Steps How To Save a PowerPoint as a Video

Still wondering how to copy a slide in PowerPoint? We are here to help you with the steps to save the PowerPoint as video.

Steps to Save a PowerPoint as a Video

Step 1:  Select the File tab and click on the Export option.

Step2: Select the Create Video option.

Step 3: Choose the video qualtiy option and click create video.

Step 4: Enter the file name and the location in which your video wants to be saved. 

Step 5: Select the Save option.

We hope we have provided you with the piece of knowledge to Save a PowerPoint as a video with the above steps in your PowerPoint Slides. If you want more PowerPoint information relating to How To Change Bullet Color In PowerPoint and more, kindly do take a visit to SlideEgg.


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