Tutorial Of How To Duplicate A Slide In PowerPoint

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Easy Tips For How To Duplicate A Slide In PowerPoint

Duplicate A Slide is the best way to save your time while creating a big presentation. You can also Print PowerPoint Slides from SlideEgg, pick one of the designs, and customize it to your liking.

Suppose you want to reuse a slide that appears on your presentation, but you don’t want to redesign the entire slide manually. In that case, you can duplicate it instead. However, there are multiple ways to accomplish this effortless process.

Step By Step Method For Duplicate A Slide In PowerPoint

Step 1: In the thumbnail pane on the left, right-Click the Slide thumbnail that you want to duplicate and Click Duplicate slide. The duplicate is inserted immediately after the original.
Step 2: Or select the Slide, Then press CTRL+D

As you can see, Duplicate A Slide is short and will take you very little time.

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