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Learn How To Add A Hyperlink To A PowerPoint Slide

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Importance of Hyperlinking in PowerPoint

Adding Hyperlinks are one of the most important features in a PowerPoint presentation. They enable you to link different files, slides, and web pages. They are a great way to connect with your audience with your content. Here you can learn how to hyperlink in simple steps

Let's check how to add hyperlinks

When you use hyperlinks in a PowerPoint presentation, you can either jump inside your Presentation or open documents outside it. We are here to show the steps of how to add hyperlinks in a PowerPoint presentation.

Steps to follow

Step 1: Click Insert
Step2: Click Link and Select insert link
Step 3: Select the image or object, or text box
Step 4: Select which one you need
Step5: Select OK

I am sure that the above steps were clear and helpful in learning how to add hyperlinks. For more PowerPoint tips and tutorials, visit SlideEgg.

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