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Instructions to hide a slide in PowerPoint

Did you Prepare a long presentation with many slides without mind the duration given? Are you thinking of deleting some slides to satisfy the duration? Chill, you can easily back up the slide with data; you don't want to delete the prepared slides. Make your work very simple and neat; here, we come up with PowerPoint hacks that reduce your struggles in making presentations. Here, you can hide a slide to satisfy the given duration. This tutorial slide explains to you how to hide a slide in PowerPoint.

Here we add this tutorial slide (how to hide a slide in PowerPoint) for your benefit and make you relieve from sudden drop while creating a presentation. Here we add the steps to hide a slide in PowerPoint,

Step 1: Visit the navigation panel at your left.

Step 2: Click on the slide you want to hide.

Step 3: Do right-click; a popup with a list of options will appear near the slide you have selected.

Step 4: Click on the option Hide Slide; now, you can find the selected slide is hidden.

Step 5: Follow the same to unhide the hidden slide.

Using all the above steps, you can hide a slide, and also, you can make the slide appear for later presentations. Your content in the slide is also there without any changes. You can use the above steps to retain any slide instead of deleting it.

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