Ultimate Guide To How To Apply A Text Shadow In PowerPoint

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Ultimate Guide To How To Apply A Text Shadow In PowerPoint

Using the Shadow tool in PowerPoint is a fantastic way to add a touch to your presentations. However, too many visual effects can be distracting for a business presentation. This post will show you how to apply Shadow to your text interestingly.

Let's see the steps of how to apply Shadow

Shadows will make your content look awesome. It is a good idea to add attractive shadows to the shapes in your presentations. However, it is essential to remember that using shadows in your presentations should be done carefully. So follow the below steps to apply Shadow carefully.

Steps to follow 

Step 1: Select the text that you want to Shadow.

Step2: Click Shape Format.

Step3:Select Text effects.

Step4: Select Shadow.

Step5: Now apply the Shadow which you want.

The above steps are very simple and easy to follow and understand. I hope that you can do it by yourself without any confusion. If you are not unsure how to apply Shadow, visit SlideEgg and learn it quickly.

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