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 Fishbone Diagram Template Powerpoint - Ishikawa Product-id: 13701

What is a Fishbone Diagram?

Fishbone diagram is the term referring to the graphical representation of all the causes of a problem leading to a specific effect or the steps involved in a complex process producing particular results in a definite style.

How does this diagram help in presentations?

This diagram is beneficial in process development and troubleshooting as all the possible cases are elaborated in a single graphic. So a massive amount of data can be arranged and presented through a single slide. Explanation of an extensive process comprising of many steps or any unpleasant consequence with the probable reasons can be very easily demonstrated, and the specific points can be pondered out of comprehensive disordered data by this free template.

How to download and edit?

Download the free template after a short signup process, which will be available in the form of a PPT file. It will automatically open in PowerPoint application, and one can start to work on it within no time. The most exciting feature is the flexibility to customize the whole template as per the wish and need to match with the company themes and brand styles along with the option of embedding the brand’s logo.

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