Fishbone Powerpoint - Multi Color Five Arrows

Fishbone Powerpoint - Multi Color Five Arrows Product-id: 14662


Fishbone Diagram- a useful tool for cause-effect analysis is the illustration of all the pertaining factors and causes, leading to a particular effect or causing an overall problem. Along with it, this diagram can also be used to explain the various steps involved in a complex process leading to a specific result. All the factors or causes are depicted amid the straight line, and the resultant effect is mentioned at the end of it. The visual similarity of those ‘causes’ with the spine and the ‘effect’ with the head of a fish, makes the whole diagram look like the skeleton of a fish, giving it this unique name.


Convenience in presentations:

A large amount of heterogeneous data can be systematized in linear array form, moreover, in a single slide.  All the probable causes can be worked on, and all the steps being involved in a long, complicated process can be elaborated to all through a single template.

Using and editing:

This free to download template can be worked on using the PowerPoint application. After a small and easy signup process, the template will be available on the system in a PPT format file. The diagram shown is designed using simple PowerPoint shapes, and every part can be modified as per the need. The whole background shades and layouts can be changed to match the brand style of the company’s theme. 

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