Fishbone Powerpoint - Effect And Cause Template

Fishbone Powerpoint - Effect And Cause Template Product-id: 14657

What is a Fishbone Diagram?

Illustrating all the potential root causes and the factors leading to a particular problem/situation at one place through a single diagram, in a specific style is known as the fishbone diagram. In this, all the potential factors and causes are specified amid a straight line, and the resultant event is indicated at the end. The resemblance of ‘causes’ with the spine and the ‘effect’ with the head of a fish, gives this illustration the specific name “Fishbone Diagram” as the final graphic looks like the skeleton of a fish. 

How does this diagram help in presentations?

By the use of a single template, all the probable factors can be elaborated through a single slide, and the most prominent ones can be quickly brainstormed and worked on. In the same, various steps of a large and complex process can also be explained by developing a Fishbone Diagram.


How to download and use?

After a small signup process, this free to download the template, available in the PPT format, can be edited and used directly in PowerPoint application. It has been designed using PowerPoint shapes so that it can be easily modified as per the preferences or need. By default, six-pointers to show the factors along with three sub-headings are provided, which can be changed to meet the requirements. The whole layout and the shades can also be adjusted to match the company theme or brand styles. The option of embedding the brand’s logo is also provided at the end.

More information regarding the Fishbone diagram and its usage can be accessed through the following links:


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