Graph Model Fishbone Powerpoint

Graph Model Fishbone Powerpoint Product-id: 14023

What is a Fishbone Diagram?

Fishbone diagram, also recognized as the Ishikawa diagram (on the name of its inventor Dr. Kaoru Ishikawa), is the representation of several causes leading to a particular consequence or the different steps involved in a complex process, providing a specific result; in a single graphical illustration. At a straight line, all the potential factors are pointed, while the main effect or result is mentioned at the end of that line. Saying the elements amid that line gives a glimpse of the spine while the end looks like the head of a fish. 

How does this diagram help in presentations?

Whether it is about troubleshooting or the contemplations over an extensive process, this diagram comes as an aid in presenting a vast amount of disordered data in one slide template; in the form of a linear array. In this Graph Model Template, the data can be categorized and presented in the form of bar graphs leading to a specific situation and that sectioned data can be dealt and explicitly elaborated.

How to download and edit?

After a little signup process with e-mail ID, download the free template on your device in PPT format file, which will open in PowerPoint application. The slide can be designed and transformed as per the requirement. The whole slide, if fully customizable and the shades and layouts can be altered as per the need or to match with the style and theme of the brand. It also has the option of inserting the brand’s logo.

More information about the Ishikawa diagram can be accessed at:


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