Fishbone Powerpoint - Problems And Solutions

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One of the best tools for Root Cause Analysis, the Fishbone Diagram, is a graphical representation of all the potential factors and causes, leading to a particular effect. In this diagram, the purposes and all the possible factors are mentioned amid a straight line, and the ensuing result is quoted at the end. The resemblance of this arrangement with the spine and head of a fish gives this diagram its unique name.


Convenience in Presentation:

Fishbone Diagram is highly beneficial in systematically arranging a large amount of scattered data in linear array form. All possible causes and the sub-factors leading to a particular purpose can be concluded in a single graphic, which can be inserted and elaborated in a single slide. Out of the various reasons, the factors triggering the effect can be brainstormed by this analysis. Along with that, the multiple steps of a long, complex process can also be studied in the same way. 

To use and edit:

Download the template after a small signup process and get the file in PPT format. The template has been developed using flat PowerPoint shapes so each and every component of the template can be edited and modified to meet the preferences. By default, six causes have been given in it, but that can be written as per the requirement.

For more information about Fishbone diagram and its usage, check the following links:


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