Multi Color Fishbone PowerPoint Presentation Slide

Multi Color Fishbone PowerPoint Presentation Slide
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    What is a Fishbone Diagram?

    Fishbone Diagram- an efficient tool of the cause and effect analysis is the illustration of all the concerning factors and causes, leading to a particular effect or causing an overall problem. Along with it, this diagram can also be used to give details about the various steps involved in a large and complex process leading to a particular result. In the diagram, all the factors or causes are depicted in the midst of the straight line, and the resultant effect is mentioned at the end of it. The visual similarities between those ‘causes’ and the ‘effect’ with the spine and head of a fish, respectively, makes the whole diagram look like the skeleton of a fish, giving it this distinctive name. 

    How does this diagram help in presentations?

    This diagram finds its use in an ordered arrangement of large scattered data in the form of a linear array. All the potential factors leading to a cause or the several steps involved in a large, sophisticated process can be systematized accordingly at one place in a single slide. The graphic template then can sort the ideas into useful categories, and the important ones can be easily elaborated, in the form of distinct units. 

    How to use the template?

     The whole template has been designed using simple PowerPoint shapes and icons so, it is fully customizable in all forms and can be totally changed, as per the preferences or to match the brand style. The number of steps shown can be increased or decreased as required, and the whole template can also be improved by the addition of relevant icons and graphics. 

    For more information about Fishbone Diagram design and usage, these links can be accessed 


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