Editable Fishbone Powerpoint Template

Editable Fishbone Powerpoint Template Product-id: 13662

What is a Fishbone Diagram?

Demonstrating all the probable root causes and the factors leading to a particular problem/situation at one place through a single diagram, in a specific style is known as the fishbone diagram. In this, all the potential factors and causes are indicated the midst of a straight line and the resultant event is shown at the end. The resemblance of ‘causes’ with the spine and the ‘effect’ with the head of a fish, gives this drawing the specific name “Fishbone Diagram” as the final graphic looks like the skeleton of a fish.

How does this diagram help in presentations?

The diagram finds its application in a systematic organization of extensive disordered data in the form of a linear array. All the factors leading to a cause or the various steps involved in an immense sophisticated process can be organized methodically at one place in a single slide. The graphic template then can sort the ideas into favorable sets, and the important ones can be easily got into details. 

How to download and use?

 The slide can easily be worked on as each and everything is arranged as shown, and only the information is supposed to be populated. It has been designed using the basic shapes available with PowerPointso can be altered/modified as required in any form. Several headings and sub-headings also can be changed along with the layout and the shades to match the company themes.

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