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Fishbone PowerPoint With Dark Background

Fishbone PowerPoint With Dark Background	Product-id: 10861
Ishikawa diagrams are a more attractive and robust way of delivering the data to the viewers with effect. This fishbone powerpoint template shows the importance of data, which has to be considered to work for the development of the company. The background of this powerpoint slide is colored black which would enlighten the fishbone and the text in it.

The fishbone is colored blue, and there are few circles on the fishbone, which are multi-colored. These circles will help to depict the effect, which is the root cause of the event. There is a total of 4 rings on the center fishbone. This fishbone powerpoint slide will clearly illustrate the root cause of the effect in a company and assist in working further to overcome the impact — the Ishikawa diagram presentation specially designed for businesses and corporates.

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