Fishbone Powerpoint - Stages Of Cause And Effects

Fishbone Powerpoint - Stages Of Cause And Effects Product-id: 14651

What is the Fishbone Diagram?

A single graphic illustrating all the possible causes and factors related to a particular situation or problem in a way that the final result/situation is arising is mentioned at the end. The distinctive name is because of its close resemblance with the skeleton of a fish as the factors look like the spine, and the effect appears to be the head of a fish. Its importance lies in the ability to identify the most prominent factor and in sorting ideas into useful categories.


How does this diagram help in presentations?

With the help of a Fishbone diagram, a large amount of heterogeneous data can be systematized in the linear form moreover in the way of one picture, which can be presented in a single slide. Whether it is the several steps involved in an extensive complex process or the causes resulting in a particular problem, everything can be summarized in a single template presentation and can easily be explained to all.

How to download and use?

Download this pre-designed interactive template in a few seconds by signing up with e-mail id and the PPT file thus acquired can be modified as per the preferences or need. The whole layout and the shades can be easily altered to match the company’s theme. It is provided with eight captions by default but can be changed to the desired number of “factors.” 

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