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Organizational Charts Powerpoint - Overview

The first part of the first paragraph describes a standard org chart used by most organizations, namely, an order of priority for the activities of staff and in which a wide-ranging category is called The Strategic Direction. When the organizational chart is first drawn, it should be mentioned that the higher positions are usually placed on the upper left corner of the chart, but this is only a generalization, as it can be quite challenging to put everyone at the top. For the purpose of organizational charts, generally, every person below the highest level in the hierarchy is listed in alphabetical order. However, in certain circumstances, a more senior status employee may be directly beneath one who is the same position or lower in the organization hierarchy. The second part of the first paragraph describes how the organization's employees use their organizational chart. Each employee should have his or her sub-chart, but this depends on the type of work being done, and the general understanding of what the responsibilities are so that the employees know who to ask for help when needed.

The third part of the first paragraph describes how the chart can be used to communicate what the organization is trying to accomplish. An example would be if an employee working in accounting wanted to know what the goals of the organization were, he or she could go to his or her sub-chart and be able to find out the primary organizational objectives. Once the purpose of the organization is understood, the chart can then be used to chart the path that will take the organization from point A to point B.

The fourth and final part of the first paragraph discusses the organization's line of communication and the way it can be maintained. Some of the people involved in the project should be aware of what the organization's key goals are, and they should be aware of the purpose of the project.