Mind Map PowerPoint

Mind Map PowerPoint
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The Power of Mind Map PowerPoint Presentations

If you're a creative person, one of the most innovative ways to leverage your brain is with a mind map. These images come in various sizes and can even be downloaded for free. They are quick and straightforward to put together and can help you capture ideas for later use. The first thing you'll need is PowerPoint. Any PowerPoint will do, as long as it is in one of the two styles: slideshow or static. You want something easy for you to read and edit. Your audience is going to rely on your slides, so be sure to make them easy to understand. Next, you need to write some exciting questions to ask. Find a few that are particularly relevant to your subject or niche. It's OK to find some that sound a little off since your audience won't understand the actual question, but they will be able to see what they are being asked. Copy these questions and put them on separate lines. Put a rectangle across the top and write down the two or three questions you have written on that side. Now go to the other side and write down the questions you just copied.

Now you have a mind map of two or three items. Move them over to the center of the page and organize them with the horizontal lines. At the bottom horizontal line, write down the item or the topic that you are covering. You don't want to look too bad if someone takes away your presentation. Don't tell them unless they ask you what it is you're talking about. Don't even mention the question you're already dealing with. You'll want to write down some other information about the topic you're covering, which you can include at the top of the vertical line. You should only write this down if you are unsure what your main topic is since you can always change the topic later on. Just make sure that you don't overdo it. After you have completed your PowerPoint presentation, make sure that you put the image into Word. You may want to go back and edit a few times to make sure that everything looks right. For the slides, you may want to cut out a portion of the picture so that you can print your template. Once you have done that, all you have to do is print your template and use it over again.

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