Get snazzy De Bono Thinking Hats Presentation Template

Get snazzy De Bono Thinking Hats Presentation Template
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    De Bono Thinking Hats Presentation

    Undertake your presentations with our De Bono Thinking Hat slide to turn your ideas into creative possibilities. Six distinctive thinking hats are strategically arranged in two columns, each furnished with unique color, creating a visually attractive palette for exploration.

    Below each hat, captions are provided to give closure to the De Bono's thinking methodology. The colors above each hat are not random. They represent distinct thinking modes. This color-coded clarity makes it easy for your audience to quickly grasp the essence of each hat's unique approach.

    Editable elements enable users to customize colors, fonts, and styles.If You're looking to navigate problem-solving, this slide becomes an engaging educational tool. Suitable for decision-makers, strategists, business, education, and consulting for collaborative decision-making. Download today, to make your presentations informative.

    Features of the Template

    • Editable colors and text 
    • Easy downloadable options
    • Completely customization template
    • The slide contains 16:4 and 4:3 format
    • Suitable for PowerPoint and Google slides themes.

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