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Prepare a brainstorming session or meetings with our attractive 31+Six Thinking Hats PowerPoint Templates. Use our slides for effective and creative thinking. The slides in our gallery are designed using pop-up colors to inspire. It is fully editable.

Six Thinking Hats
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Download our best collection of Six Thinking Hats PowerPoint Templates Presentation to give an innovative look to your presentation. There are more than 30+ awesome templates available for you to explore and t create a stunning presentation. 

The six thinking hats can be used to increase the productivity level. Six thinking hats stand for logic, emotion, caution, optimism, creativity, and control. Each team will take upon the role of a hat, assuring that all points are covered.

Our templates are entirely editable and can be easily customized as per your needs. These templates have various colors for you to customize according to your creativity. These templates have six nodes for you to enter your contents about the six hats quickly. You can access some of our templates at free charge.

Download these fully editable Six Thinking Hats PowerPoint Templates with creative visuals. It's an excellent way for you to introduce your new team and boost the team spirit.

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What is the Six Thinking Hats Model?

The Six Thinking Hats method, designed by Edward de Bono, is a very effective way to discuss a subject, work through a challenge, or make a crucial choice. By grouping the many forms of thinking into six "hats"—logic, emotion, caution, optimism, creativity, and control. The six thinking hats are a method to increase the productivity of creative thinking.

What are Six Thinking Hats PowerPoint Templates?

The imaginative Six Hat Thinking PowerPoint template is created using Edward De Bono's thinking framework. This strategy can be applied when giving presentations on analytical thinking.

Where can we use these Six Thinking Hats Templates?

With the aid of De Bono's Six Thinking Hats, you can organize your thoughts into six distinct and parallel domains, a valuable tool for brainstorming and problem-solving talks.

How can I make Six Thinking Hats Slides in a presentation?

Step 1: First, select “picture” from the context menu. Step 2: The Format Picture tools are then available on the right side of your slide. Step 3: Select the Six-hat image you want, then add the necessary points. You can use pre-made slides for display if you're scrambling to finish your preparations.

Who can use these Six Thinking Hats Templates?

The Six Thinking Hats is a great tool to help you and your team make decisions by combining sensitivity, intuition, innovation, and critical reasoning.

Why do we need to use the Six Thinking Hats slides?

The Six Thinking Hats method is a potent tool for considering decisions from several angles. An organized parallel thinking method is introduced, making debate participants more attentive and focused.

Where can I find Six Thinking Hats templates for free?

It should be clear and simple to locate free slides. To access millions of high-quality, free slides right away, visit the Slide Egg homepage.