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SWOT Powerpoint Slide - Innovative



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The idea built the idea of changing the familiar SWOT Quadrants for pentagonal shapes. Each Pentagon includes one of the SWOT Analysis concepts and presents text placeholders to elaborate on them. Each idea mapped to a modern business PowerPoint Icon, order to visually describe it, without the need to duplicate the word on each slide. SWOT Analysis is a complete marketing tool composed to analyze the domestic and external environment of an industry.

Presenters need to summarize facts. The SWOT Analysis Diagram for PowerPoint provides suitable text placeholders, showing an ideal layout and display of text. The user will take a step further in their SWOT Analysis and apply the SOAR Diagram Template for PowerPoint. The application of SOAR helps strategists include critical factors of motivation and engagement in the planning process. Each of the shapes and text placeholders is 100% editable. The user can decorate the diagram with their findings, with icons, or even with Sticky notes, to give the idea of the iterative conclusions.

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