Marketing Strategy Powerpoint With Background Model

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Communication and Marketing - How to Use Them Together to Create an Effective Presentation?
In a presentation, you can leverage Communication and Marketing strategies to connect with your audience. By using your Marketing skills to communicate your key points and strategic objectives to your audience, you can build credibility and trust with your audience and help them feel like they have something in common with you, and that's the first step towards getting them to listen to your ideas and solutions. Communication and Marketing do not have to be mutually exclusive. You can use each of these techniques to make your presentation better. Each method is most effective when it is complemented by the other. Communication: The best part about communicating is that you are giving information in plain language. Make sure that you are telling them the real story, not just putting words together. Most people don't know what they want it now. You need to be able to "read" them and connect to their emotional state and needs. Communicating your message is all about bringing them out of their thinking and back into the moment.
Marketing: When you talk about your solutions, make sure that you are connecting with your audience. Connecting with your audience means that you are talking about your solution, and why it is the right solution for them, and why it is not the wrong solution. You need to make them think about why the answer is a better solution than the alternative. Your Marketing skills will be most effective when they are combined with Communication skills. Don't forget to engage your audience by asking questions, demonstrating your solutions, and maintaining a balanced discussion. Writing a communication and marketing strategy presentation is a lot more complicated than writing a communication and marketing strategy plan. After all, if you are writing your presentation, you will be actively engaging your audience. A strategic plan is very passive. A strategy presentation is active. Your Communication and Marketing skills can allow you to connect with your audience and make them feel that they have a stake in your solutions. Have someone present on your behalf who will be communicating with your audience. The key is to have that connection. Communication and Marketing should be used to support strong visual strategies. A strong visual approach can pull your audience through the whole presentation, so if you want to connect with your audience and keep them engaged, you need to work towards a strong visual presentation.

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