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How Do You Become an Expert in PowerPoint Presentation?

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Microsoft PowerPoint is the most popular and most common software that people use to create presentations. If you are creating presentations, you should also be using PowerPoint. However, it is better to learn tips on becoming an expert in PowerPoint. Then you can put more creativity and effectiveness into your presentations. We, Slide Egg, are here with effective tips on what you can do to become an expert in PowerPoint.

Align All Graphics

When you include graphics in the PowerPoint presentation, it is better if you can align them. This will contribute a lot towards the professional layout of the presentation you create. PowerPoint itself offers a valuable feature for you to do this. You will need to go to Master Slide, edit it and then edit the template as per your preferences. Then you can get all the slides to be appropriately aligned. You can easily maintain consistency across your slide deck with its help.

Format All Pictures

A blank image on a slide can make it look dull. The pictures you add to the PowerPoint slides should also be formatted appropriately. This is where you should right-click on the image and format it. Once you hit the Format button, you can open up different formatting options on the right-hand side. You may play around with the formatting image. For example, you will be able to use these features to drab the image to something that looks more interesting.

Make The Titles Stand Out

The titles of your PowerPoint presentation should stand out. Then you can convince your audience of your presentation’s titles. You must right-click on the top of the title and click on the option format. After that, you may proceed with Format text effects, where you can find several formatting options. Among those formatting options, you should pick something that can supplement the titles. You have all the freedom to experiment with different title formatting options and pick something that really stands out.

Create Your Own Custom Animations

Animations have the potential to make boring PowerPoint presentations look more attractive. This is where you should go ahead and create your custom animations on the PowerPoint presentation. Microsoft PowerPoint offers all the features that you want to create custom animations. To create such an animation, you must head to the animations tab. Then you can go all the way down in the animations gallery, where you can see an option called Custom Path. You should be pretty mindful when you play around with this feature. After selecting the option, you should draw the animation on your own.

Presentation template has White Background With Three Nodes

If you are a beginner, you might face some challenges and frustrations when drawing the animation. However, it is completely fine to take your time to draw it. After you draw the animation, you may test it and place it on the PowerPoint presentation.

Use Professional PowerPoint Templates

Instead of creating a PowerPoint presentation from scratch, consider using professional PowerPoint templates available online. Websites such as Slide Egg offer professionally designed PowerPoint templates. Just browse through different PowerPoint presentation templates available and pick the best one out of them. You will be able to get a kick-start to creating a presentation with the help of these templates.

End Note

Now that you learned how to become an expert in creating PowerPoint presentations. Follow these tips, and you will love to create the best PowerPoint presentations with ease.

Also, visit the Slide Egg site, which provides 15,000+ free PowerPoint templates from 500+ categories. With Slide Egg’s expert templates, you are sure to become an expert in a short span. Are you ready? Now, straight to the site.

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