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SF Prasanth

SF Prasanth

SF Prasanth is a senior content writer for Slide Egg and its related firms. He's a passionate and creative guy, trying to explore everything around him. With 4+ years of experience in various industries, he works in a company that empowers the world via PowerPoint Presentations.
Printing your PowerPoint Presentation.

How Do I Print PowerPoint Document with Notes?

Slide Egg is the right platform that offers the same to make notes for your presentation. Nevertheless, we have equipment with the evolution of jaw-dropping technology that helps you and me to print the stuff we need.

People searching for Google Slides and a man discovered Google Slides

Where Do You Get Free Google Slide Background Themes

Google Slides is presentation software that is part of the Google Workspace productivity suite. It allows us to create, edit and share presentations online. One feature of Google Slides is the ability to customize the background of a slide.

A person is designing a flyer with a help of Slide Egg.

How Can You Design a Flyer Using PowerPoint Software?

Looking for a way to make a flyer in PowerPoint? Slide Egg provides information and an end-to-end process for designing flyers. Flyers are used to grab the attention of people for business promotions, events, service products, or ideas on a single sheet or poster.

Man explaining the process with his stats by different type of charts

Where Do I Find the Best Project PowerPoint Templates?

Good templates always add tremendous value to your presentation. And the main requirement for doing project presentations is the same as well. They save you time when making changes to the templates. Now the question is, where do you find them?

Make your presentation attractive with us.

How Can You Make Your PowerPoint Presentation Attractive?

The primary use of PowerPoint presentations is to demonstrate data, methods, or sequences of steps. To build a powerful presentation, we must create a beautiful template while maintaining the flow throughout the presentation.