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If you are trying to get the attention of business managers and executives, you will need to be equipped with a perfect PowerPoint presentation. Unfortunately, they have packed schedules, and you don’t have a lot of time to go ahead and convince them. Hence, it is a must for you to use correct templates and create a strong impression with your PowerPoint presentation. However, you don’t have to work on the presentation on your own. Instead, you can get hold of an executive summary slide and customize it according to your preferences. The executive summary template PPT will be providing you with a framework, and you need to go ahead and build your presentation on top of it.

SlideEgg offers 70+ professional executive PowerPoint templates for corporates, web designing, advertising, business, education, sales presentations. The template is unique, with outstanding customizing features to grab the attention. 

Download our exclusive slides and create an excellent presentation and make changes according to your requirement. The templates are easy to use and are pre-designed to make your work done easier and faster. The best part here, you can also find several free executive summary-related templates with different nodes, themes, backgrounds, colors, and styles in sequences.

Executive summary slide template PPT-Bar chart model
Executive Summary Slide Template For PowerPoint
Executive summary template PPT with chart Model
100% Editable Executive Summary Template PPT
Executive summary slide template PPT-chart model
Executive Summary Template PPT with company background
Brief summary PPT template
Executive Summary Template PPT For PowerPoint Slide
A seven noded Executive summary template
3'C' Executive Summary Powerpoint Template
Practical Executive Summary PPT Template
Executive summary template PPT-Vission mission Design
Executive Summary Template PPT with Icons
Executive summary template PPT for business
Executive Summary-Table Model
Portfolio executive summary template PPT
Executive summary template PPT-chart and icons
business summary PPT template
Executive Summary PPT template
The Executive Summary Template PPT Mystery
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What exactly is an Executive Summary?

An executive summary would summarize the intent or needs of a business within a concise form. The main objective would to deliver key components related to your business in a summarized form. Along with that, you will be able to unlock some new business opportunities. In addition, you will be able to present content appealingly to the audience as well. 

Different types of Executive Summary Templates: 

With the understanding of different types of executive summary, it would be possible for you to select the best type, which matches your requirements. Some of the types are mentioned below:

Business Proposal:

When you present the proposal for a new business, it would be possible for you to use this template. The main objective of such an executive presentation template would be to outline the executive summary in the form of a business proposal. It will provide a complete overview of the key aspects related to the business.


This template would provide all the support that you need to highlight financial-related information with regard to your company. You will be presenting them in a summarized way. Presenting financial information will not be an easy thing to do. You will have to go through a variety of challenges when you are trying to do it. However, the presentation template can assist you in overcoming most of the challenges you have to face to get the job done.


If you are trying to deliver a sales pitch, you can even think about using the most appropriate executive summary template PPT available out there to consider. It will help you to highlight your strengths in sales in a highly effective manner. Some of the most prominent components that you can find in such a template include customer growth, current sales status, and the factors that drive sales. All the data with related to the multiple sales channels can be presented geographically. You will be able to do that without any clutter.

Customer Journey:

If you are working on the customer journey, you should be selecting an appropriate executive summary slide template that adheres according to that. Then you will be able to get the customers to interact according to the product you offer. You will be able to use the features available in such a summary to ultimately illustrating the customer journey. You will be innovatively doing that. 

Browse and explore our other executive summary templates for your presentation and We also offer Free PowerPoint Templates for our users to create a  killer presentations.