Marketing Funnel Powerpoint Template - Filter Model

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Marketing Funnel PowerPoint Template?
 An analysis of a marketing funnel PowerPoint template can be done by looking at the columns within the chart and using simple rules to help identify the drivers. It is essential to create a graph that shows all the different steps, rather than the one step at a time format. There is more to understanding the necessary marketing funnel.
 The customer segments, you need to focus on are the targeted customers. It is these who should have been delivered by the sales process. It is through these people that the conversion should have occurred. From here, we then move onto the Solution or the Problem. This will show the right question, and how many solutions are there, and how many of those solutions will work to solve the customer's problem. You can then determine the right questions to ask your sales team, which will help them make the sales.
 The next process in the graph will show the benefits to the customer to complete the solution. It will show the cost savings and returns and also the sales that are going to be made by the customer. This will give you an idea of how much your customer has worked on the solution.
 Now, we then have to figure out the Interactions, and finally, the Product or the Corresponding Business or Competitor. We will always use the Interactions column to show the number of business opportunities from interactions. Finally, we will then see the following company and the corresponding Competitor. The Performance of the Company or Competitor will show you how well the company was performing during the sales cycle. This will show you if the company was on track, or if the company would have been better off without the customers, or if the customer was merely a channel customer. It will also show you the number of sales that are being made.