Integrated Marketing Communication PPT-Zig-Zag Model

Integrated Marketing Communication PPT-Zig-Zag Model
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What is Integrated Marketing Communication PPT?
An integrated marketing communication PPT is an intense back-and-forth between you and your audience. The plan shows you how to get the most out of the PPT, and the audience sees that they influence your marketing.
So how do you listen to the audience? It's not enough to read the message and send it back to them. You need to take note of their responses. The audience will naturally send questions back to you if you get them caught up in the action and excitement of the PPT. You need to take these, too, and convert them into helpful information for your audience.
How do you go about doing this? Remember that the audience is in control of what information they give you. When they need specific information, you can use it well.
The best way to provide useful information that is related to the PPT is to ask the audience for their input. Ask the question that has the highest likelihood of being asked.
In this case, the question would be, "What's your voice saying?" This isn't necessarily a rhetorical question; it merely asks the audience to repeat themselves when they speak and give you the information in that repetition. That way, you can pull all the information together in one place and answer the question, instead of having to go backward and forth with them. One way to get your data down is to repeat it repeatedly. Without a pause, at least five times, to show the audience exactly what the information means. This kind of information is especially useful to give when you are explaining something because it will quickly reveal the audience what the link says. This method of providing helpful information to your audience is often referred to as the power of context.
And if you are getting too excited about the PPT, your audience, or your brand, you need to pull back. Stop showing your audience your excitement and look back over the lines at the text. Look like you are reading and understand what the PPT is saying and then show the audience your information.

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