Network Marketing Business Plan PPT - Hexagonal Model

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What Is Network Marketing Business Plan PPT?

A good Business Plan PPT should include the following: What are your interests? The type of market you will market to? What will be the structure of your marketing?
Will you sell your product or service, a service, or a combination of both? What type of product or service do you intend to sell? The platform you will use for selling your product or service and how you will measure the results of your marketing will be essential.
There are two types of Network Marketing Business Plans: Sales and Service-oriented. Sales oriented will look at the number of transactions that you made last month, last year or even last week. Service-oriented will look at how many people took advantage of the offers. A Service-oriented PPT will not include how many people took advantage of your opportunity.
You should make different ways of measuring your income. One way is to have your gross monthly income, and another way is to estimate the cost of goods sold. Both are very important to know so you can tell if your business is profitable or not.
Growth in the market can be tracked by the total number of people who joined the program. How many of them became a member of the program?
If you need to raise capital, then a Business Plan PPT should include the amount of money you need and what financing options you may want to explore. Will you work with investors? How much money do you need to set up the business? This is only a quick overview of what you need to know about your Business Plan PPT. A qualified business plan will help you create your project and get you started with your new business opportunity.

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