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How to Download Free PowerPoint Templates?

A customer is searching for the free PowerPoint templates. Now, he's got Slide Egg as a rescue.

PowerPoint is one of the greatest boons of the presentation world. It plays a vital role in almost all fields, such as education, sports, medicine, etc. It enables people to give their presentations in a manner such that all the listeners can visualize things.

Whenever preparing a presentation in PowerPoint, we all face a significant issue, i.e., time consumption. PowerPoint templates are the solution to it. By using the templates, a person can make his presentation within a few minutes, even without losing the expected quality.

Microsoft offers colorful themes to its users by default, but we can’t always be okay with them. Sometimes we need some other themes and color patterns to make the presentation unique. Unfortunately, Microsoft doesn’t provide any inbuilt feature to download themes and templates for our presentation. But we can download it from anywhere else and use it in our presentations.

Not only me but also most people visit Slide Egg to download the Free PowerPoint Templates. That’s because the site consists of almost 15,000+ free PowerPoint Templates. If you get into the site, you can find templates that are unique from each other. The site also has premium versions of templates with almost 100,000+ quantities.

In this article, we’ll see how to download free PowerPoint templates in Slide Egg.

Step 1: Visit the site Slide Egg
The home page of the site will look like the image given below,


Step 2: Get into the free slides page.
Find the “Free Slides” category on the top row and click on it.

free slides

Step 3: Search your requirement with help of the search box.
Example: SWOT.

slideegg presentation search

You will be given attractive SWOT PowerPoint templates. The search result page will look like the following screenshot.

download the slide

From these templates, you can choose the best one as per your wish and proceed to download it. The selection process can be made simpler by utilizing the filter options. You can filter the result page by using nodes or colors of the templates.

search box

Step 4: Download the template.

You can download the template by tapping on the DOWNLOAD icon that is given on the page.


Note: For the very first time, you need to sign up on the site to download the templates. It is very simple since you can use your Gmail ID to sign up quickly. This won’t take much time than a minute.

How To Open The File?

The downloaded file will be in the .zip extension. You need to extract the downloaded file to find the template. Then by simply tapping it, you will be automatically redirected to your PowerPoint interface. You can start editing your templates further.


By using these templates, you can make your presentations more unique than others. The graphics and design patterns inside the presentation are as important as the contents inside. I hope this article helped to let you know how to download free templates.

Then why are you still waiting? Visit Slide Egg’s free PowerPoint templates page now and rock your presentations.

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SF Prasanth

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