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How can I Add Speaker Notes in PowerPoint Presentation?

How to add speaker notes in your presentation with blue background.


Making notes in ancient times was extremely difficult. They wrote on stones, leaves, and other natural materials that were later replaced by papers. Paper’s evolution was followed by the evolution of computers.

It is simpler to make notes than in the past, where you could add or remove points as needed.

Before presenting your presentation, make notes to plan the order in which you will present your points. Additionally, it helps maintain the presentation’s flow while doing your presentation.

How do notes help your presentation?

Making notes before a presentation helps you remember important information and ensures you have everything you need. That also helps you maintain continuity throughout your presentation without any leftover information.

The key points also act as a hint or checklist for your presentation, so you don’t need to worry about missing any important topics or parts.

What is the use of giving hints, and how does it help the presenter?

Making a hint will help you remember the point and how you intend to provide the information. Sticky notes help you remember things you don’t want to forget in the same way that notes in a presentation help you remember things.

The notes won’t be visible on the projector screen of your audience from the presenter’s view; the audience can’t see your notes because they are only visible on the presenter’s screen, where the presenter will be able to present their presentation without any loose ends.

Presenters can add notes while presenting or editing their presentations. You can delete or add points by clicking on the text box.

Let’s we learn how to take notes and what the presenter thinks about PowerPoint.

Complete Guidance

Step 1: Open the PowerPoint application on your desktop.

PowerPoint page opened with logo in shaded grey color

Step 2: Choose the file where you want to add notes.
Step 3: In the bottom right corner is a notes option.
Step 4: Click the Notes option.
Step 5: You can see the column below every slide with the “Click to add notes” option.

Click to add notes is highlighted by light green color. It clearly showcased to the audience

Step 6: To insert your notes, click the column.
Step 7: You can write a note at the bottom of every slide.

Highlighted the text in the notes box with green shade.

Step 8: You can hide your notes while projecting them into the presenter’s view.
Step 9: Go to the slideshow menu that can be seen in the fourth column from the right.
Step 10: You can see the presenter view on the monitor column, second from the right.
Step 11: Click the box “use presenter view”; there, it shows a tick mark in it.

Highlighted notes text with green color sketch and spinned the option presenter view.

Step 12: There are your notes in PowerPoint, which are only visible to the presenter.

Step 13: You can present your presentation without showing your notes to the audience.

On the bottom

The PowerPoint presentation with notes went off without a hitch. Your presentation will always be elevated by the notes.

Have notes in your presentation and speak with confidence without losing any points.

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