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Battery PowerPoint Template and Google Slides Themes

Battery PowerPoint Template and Google Slides Themes
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    Battery Presentation Template

    Are you tired of boring presentations that don't grab attention? Want to show progress or levels in a clear way? This battery PowerPoint template can help. It has six layered vertical battery icons showing different percentages, from 0% to 100%. The bright red color makes it easy to see, and you can change the text to fit your data. Whether you're a business person showing project progress, a teacher explaining stages, or a student sharing research, this template works. Batteries are easy to understand for everyone, making your information clear and simple. Download the template now seamlessly in PowerPoint and Google Slides to make your presentations more exciting. With its easy-to-use features and cool visuals, you'll keep your audience interested and get your message across easily.

    Features of the template:

    • Slides are available in different nodes & colors.
    • Easy to change the slide colors.
    • Well-crafted template with instant download.

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