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Comprehensible Timeline Powerpoint Design

Kavitha 12358 Creations
The 5 Year  Timeline PowerPoint Template is an infographic slide design to visualize the linear series of events. It is a flat PowerPoint timeline template with five divisions showing yearly development. Most often, these timeline powerpoint templates show the past achievement and growth of a company. However, it could aid in discussing business development plans or defining and monitoring essential milestones of the project, etc. In short, the timelines are business presentation tools to deliver a broad overview of the sequence of events in time.

The 5 Year  Timeline PowerPoint Template contains two slides with assorted backgrounds i.e., gray. These slides have customized infographics and text placeholders according to background colors. Therefore, users can select a dark or light background theme and choose slide accordingly.  The colors move from blue to purple, creating a gradient effect in the schedule. The readers can quickly grasp an idea of what presentation is all about. However, users can replace texts in PowerPoint according to presentation needs.

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