Free - Modern Thank You PowerPoint Slide Template

Free - Modern Thank You PowerPoint Slide Template Product-id: 1966
How to Make a Thank You PowerPoint Slide

To make your thank you PowerPoint slide, click the "Add Slide" button on the toolbar. You will be taken to a slide maker window. At this point, you will need to create a new slide. With the name of the contact in the name field, and the name of the company in the "Company Name" field, you will be prompted for the name of the person to be thanked. Just select the name of the person you want to be appreciated. This will create a short paragraph detailing your appreciation for the person for doing business with you. Next, you will want to type in the company name. You may also use the default company name as long as it is not already in use. You can also choose to add a company if you desire.

The "Contact Name" of the person you are thanking is next—type in the contact's name in the "Contact Name" field. In the case of multiple connections, you can choose which one you would like to thank you in the drop-down menu. Now the next step is to send out the email to the contact. In the address box, use the email program of the connection to send the email. You may also find it convenient to have a script that you can run that will automatically sign the mail as a form of protection. You should be able to find a program online that will automatically approve the mail. Another option would be to send the emails to everyone on the contact list. However, if everyone has similar interests, it can be difficult to know who to send the emails to. Simply sending out the thank you, PowerPoint slide will work fine.

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