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A candidate Checklist Template-Profile Model can be a fantastic tool for the candidate and the selection committee. The use of such a template is best used for helping to make an executive summary of the traits that make up a good executive for hire.

As a student, I once ran a logo design project in which the students were required to create their logos using scratch paper. One such group did not think the logo too bad, and another group was rather impressed with it. So, my colleague and I had plenty of conversations about how the logo should look and which colors should be used. If the statement in bold is to be made in one color, which one, etc.

This exercise could have been conducted with different types of logos, as there are different approaches to branding. Different companies have varying needs as to what their logo should be in, but it is not unusual for there to be similar patterns of behavior in creating a logo. Just as there are many variations in the appearance of a person, the patterns of behavior in people can be very different.

So, if we are designing an executive summary that will be seen by the selection committee, we want to share with them the facts about that person's profile, so that they can see how that person will perform. We may think that the person we are looking at maybe liked or disliked for his personality. Still, we want to make sure that they can handle specific job responsibilities, and also that they are going to be able to run the business successfully. So, we want to make sure that the candidates are ready for the kind of job responsibilities the firm is expecting of them.

The difference between these two profiles is that the first profile is the profile that the person's profile model is describing. For example, the profile model says that this person is very good with organizing, has excellent organizational skills, and is a good decision-maker. Those are all traits that the company expects of that executive.

But if you are hiring the executive without knowing the company you are working for, that might be a bit of a challenge, because you need to figure out what the perfect profile is. Well, there is a way that you can look at it. It would help if you had a basic understanding of the characteristics that you would like to see in your candidate. If you go to the search process with those basic ideas in mind, then you are likely to be able to pick a candidate who will fit into what you are looking for.

To illustrate, let's take a profile model that says that this person's skills and interests are in engineering. If we are looking for someone who is going to be a lead engineer, then the hiring executive will probably want a person who has been involved in engineering in some manner. This is the profile that this person has in his model.

So, in this case, we are looking for a good engineering executive, and we are looking for someone interested in the engineering side of things. Therefore, the executive summary that we are going to prepare will include the outline of the technical and non-technical aspects of the person's character and qualities, so that we can quickly and easily decide on who we are hiring.

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