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How do I register with Slide Egg ?

1.Click on the ‘Signup" button at the top right corner. 2.Click a "Register" tab and then Enter your name, and a valid email address on the popup. 3.Choose a secure password for your account and click "Signup For Free" button. 4.If your email address is a Gmail id, Click on the Google icon (G) in ‘Sign in with Google’ section authentication will be done via google. 5.In case your email id is not a Gmail id, then you’ll be greeted with a welcome screen and an email, that’ll be sent to the email address you have provided for authentication. 6.Following "Thanks for signing up " popup will display upon successful registration with Slide Egg. 7.Please click the link for verification in your mail, once you verify your account, following "Congratulation" popup will display.

How do I sign in?

1.Click on ‘Signup’ on the top right corner of the page. 2.Click on "Login" Tab then Enter your "Business email" Id, and a valid email address on the popup. 3. Click on the "LOGIN" button to access your account. 4.Following Screen will be displayed upon successful login. 5.Using Gmail to Logon to your account - Click on "Sign in with Google" buton6.You will be automatically logged into Slide Egg Account after successful Google verification.

Didn’t receive activation mail.

I have registered with Slide Egg; but didn’t receive welcome mail. What should I do? We send the welcome and verification email instantly; in case you haven’t received it, please check the spam folders of your email. If it’s still not there, email us at

I’m having trouble to Log In, what can I do?

There are 2 common situations at the login step related to credentials: 1.Lost your password: If you are trying to log in and the system tells you your password is incorrect, probably you have forgotten or lost your password. We have an automated reset password system. Just click the link “Lost Your Password” and you will be redirected to a new form where you will write down your email or username. You will receive a reset password link in your mail inbox so you can re-enter a new password. 2.Invalid username: Slide Egg Login credentials consist of your username and password. You username is not your email address by default. The username is selected by users at the account creation time. If you are trying to login and the system informs that the username is invalid, probably you are using an incorrect username or trying to login with your email instead of your username. In order to retrieve your username from your email, please follow the steps in the previous point (Lost your password) and you will receive your username and password reset in your email inbox. For both procedures, please check not only your inbox, but also your spam folder, as it could happen that your email system understands this email as spam due to its automatic delivery nature. In case you continue having trouble, or have any doubt on the process, don’t hesitate to contact us through our support center. We will be glad to help you.

Is it safe to access using Google sign-in credentials?

Yes, it’s absolutely safe sign-in. Users need not worry about security when accessing Slide Egg using their Google sign-in credentials. We don’t have access to users’ Google password. We only store their respective email addresses for the purpose of identification.

I already have a Slide Egg account with my existing Google email address. How will the Google sign in work in such scenario?

If you sign in using your Slide Egg login credentials, you will get directly logged in. However, if you use your Google (Gmail) email address, you will be directed to Google for authentication before getting logged in.

Changing or Resetting your Password

If you do not remember your old password:If you’re trying to change your password but don’t know your old password or can’t log into your account, please reset your password . Please note that you will need to use the email address you used to register the account. 1.Access to login Page. 2.Click on "Forgot password?" link and following Forgot Password screen will display. 3.Enter your Email Address, then click "SUBMIT”. button. 4.Following message will display "Reset link has sent to your inbox." on the popup. 5.Follow instructions in the email sent to your email to reset your password.

How can I delete my account?

1.If you wish to delete your account. Please email us at with why you want to delete account with Slide Egg and your request will be forwarded to Retention team for further process and Sit Back Relax, once the Retention team done with analysis of your account, you will expect email from the respective team about your account removal.

What will happen to my content if I downgrade my current premium plan to free?

Downgrading restricts you from using certain features that are not part of the plan you opt for. If a Unlimited Plan user downgrades to free membership, he /she will not be able to enjoy features that are a part of Unlimited Plan membership. Also, his /her private presentations will be blocked/deleted. Similarly, if a Lifetime Plan user downgrades to Pro, he will not be able to enjoy the features that are a part of the Lifetime Plan. For instance, his branded channels will work but without branding.

Purchased a single user license. Can I share it with my team?

Our Terms and Conditions prohibit you from sharing your login and password details with anyone. Please understand that a single user license is solely meant for a single individual and cannot be shared. Your account will be immediately disabled if you share your login with anyone.