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Are your payment methods secured?

Slide Egg does not store any information about your payment method. We delegate the payment step to specialized payment gateways (PayPal and Stripe) that are both PCI compliant and process payments and subscriptions for us. If you have any doubt of our processing methods, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will gladly answer any question or concern.

What can I do if My credit card has been rejected

Following are the possible details and explanation for Card payment being rejected. 1.The data required for the payment do not match the ones associated with your card. 2.A simple typo in any of the fields might cause a rejection. 3.Your card has expired. 4.Your card is not enabled for online payments and/or international and recurring payments. 5.You have exceeded the limit permitted by your card. 6.Perhaps you may not activated that code where the .Credit cards issuers bank come with an extra security code to help prevent online fraud. 7.We recommend that you contact your card issuer bank to obtain more information.

Can I put my logo on my presentation embeds?

Yes, you can put your own logo on your presentation embeds, if you are a Lifetime Plan member. You also have the privilege to brand your channels to give a personal touch. You can even add a banner or background image to your channels.

Are there any download limits?

Depending on the SligeEgg subscription plan, download limits exists. Please refer to our Plans page for the detail of the download limits, or check your account preferences for your actual download balance and the current limit.

How do I download my templates?

Templates are available for download from your account whether you purchased an individual template or a subscription. Click on the My Account link at the top of the page to access your account.

How am I allowed to use Slide Egg Content?

You are allowed to use Slide Egg templates, diagrams, shapes, charts, maps and images in projects for your own use, your company or your clients. They may be used (commercially and non-commercially) in presentations, websites, emails, brochures, advertisement, posters, business cards, signs, electronic documents and printed documents. You are not allowed to use the content in any of the above described (or other) for the purpose of sale, re-sale or redistribution as editable content, that could allow a third party to modify and replicate the content for their own use.

I’m a consultant, may I use your Slide Egg content for a project for a client?

Yes. You may use our content for your client’s project, or any work you are hired to create. You may not share your subscription to our content to your client, as license is not transferable. This means if your client wants to make changes by their own, they should purchase a license for themselves.

Can I use your content on a website, blog, software product, or printed document?

Yes. Our content is royalty-free and can be used on commercial web pages, blogs, slideshows and software for sale, printed documents and books, and other commercial projects. No additional fees are required.</p> However, our content must be used only as decoration in your new content. Our content cannot be the reason someone would purchase your product, or visit your website. Your license is not-transferable. For example, you cannot create a website that provides Slide Egg Templates (or derivatives from them) as part of their downloadable content. Please contact us if you have further questions.

How often is your content catalog updated?

Slide Egg Templates library is a constant growing catalog. We provide weekly additions, and have months of already allocated backlog to our design and content authoring teams.

Which software is required to use Slide Egg Content?

Slide Egg provides professional PowerPoint Templates. Our main presentation software target is Microsoft PowerPoint (in their different versions from 2003 to 2019, for PC and Mac and Office 365). Each Template Page provides information about compatibility. Please check the templates you are willing to download in order to avoid any problem. If any of the templates you require does not supports your platform, please contact us and we will help with the conversion process. All our templates need to be downloaded before usage. The download format is pptx (this means they are not macro enabled). All our templates are uploaded to our content platform after a through check on security. This means the files are virus free, macro free and only contain clean assets. Our PowerPoint diagrams and shapes are created 100% with PowerPoint objects. This capability also enables other Microsoft Office Product to use this diagrams and shapes. For example is very common that our users copy and paste diagrams from presentations into word documents, without losing quality. If you have any doubt or problem on compatibility supported by any of our templates, please contact our Customer engagement team (Link for chat).

How do I send my feedback on Slide Egg?

Feedback, ideas, suggestions are most welcome. You can email us at, our support executive will get back to you within one business or also you can review at

Can I see a list of the templates that I have downloaded?

If you are a registered user, you can access your download history. Just access your profile options and click “History”. You will be shown a list of the templates that you have previously downloaded.

Required a Dedicated Designer on Contract?

We work with the firms to design their Presentations and We can be your dedicated design team, and can work on hourly/monthly/yearly contracts. Hire us to be your design service arm.