Customising the PPT Templates

Customising your presentation How do I add a new slide to my existing presentation?

1.You can do following to add new presentation in MS PowerPoint. Open your existing template with Microsoft office PowerPoint and Right-click on the previous slide then click on → New Slide. For Google Slides; Go to the top bar → Home → New Slide (if you click on the arrow, you will be able to choose the layout).If you need more information, please refer to the “How to Add, Duplicate, Move, Delete or Hide Slides in Google Slides” tutorial or the “How to Add, Duplicate, Move, Delete or Hide Slides in PowerPoint”.

What kind of presentation files does Slide Egg support?

We currently support PowerPoint files (PPT, PPS, PPTX and PPSX extensions formats). So, if your file is in formats like Open Document Format, convert it into any of the above formats.

Are fonts included with my template?

Layout files are formatted using standard system fonts - Times, Helvetica, New Times Roman, and Arial. Although suggested fonts are displayed in thumbnail images and preview PDFs, font software is not included with the template.

Can I download my template multiple times and in different formats?

Yes. Simply log in to your account and download the template, selecting the desired file format from the pull-down menu. Templates purchased individually are available for download in your account indefinitely. Templates purchased as part of a subscription are available for download during the subscription period.

How does my daily download limits work?

It depends on the subscription;. Plans that are restricted with daily limits will allow the user to download content until the daily limit is reached. Once the daily limit is reached, a message will be displayed and user will be redirected to the balance section of the account page in order to check the current balance. If you need special limits extensions don’t hesitate to contact our support team in order to request additional downloads.

Can I use my fonts in the PPT template?

In PowerPoint, you can use any font installed on your PC, Things to remember that every time you change the font, the layout might be affected and you may need to adjust them again.

Can I use my logo in PPT embeds?

Yes, you can put your own logo on your presentation embeds, if you are a Lifetime Plan member. You also have the privilege to brand your channels to give a personal touch. You can even add a banner or background image to your channels.

Do I have exclusive ownership of templates purchased?

No. When you purchase one of our templates you are purchasing a license to use the template according to our terms of use. However, if you read the terms of use, you will see that the only thing you can't do with one of our templates you purchase is resell it elsewhere.

Fonts don't look the same as in Google Slides, but I have them installed. Why?

These slight variations might be due to a version mismatch of the font our template uses. This can happen if you got the font from a website other than Google Fonts. It is important that, in order to to keep the design exactly as it appears in Slide Egg, you download the fonts directly from Google Fonts.

Are new templates updated frequently?

Slide Egg are creating and uploading new templates every day so that you can use a variety of templates.You can see the newly posted templates weekly on the Updates of Today menu.