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How Do I Insert Music To My PowerPoint Presentation?

How do I Insert Music to My PowerPoint Presentation

Do you hear music?

I think that’s a silly question since everyone in the world loves to listen to music.

Yeah! Generally, people like to hear music because it gives them a pleasant feeling. It heals them; it connects their life and fills the emptiness they have.

If you are a person who goes around different places to give a presentation, music might help you. How is that?

The continuous presentation may stress you at times. Nevertheless, listening to music will give you the mental stability to deliver your presentation well.

This will, in turn, benefit your audience to get your point clearly.

What if? We say you can change their mood swings and make your presentation more attractive.

Man Playing Guitar on International Music DaySlide Egg gives you ideas as to how you can add music to your presentation and grab your audience’s attention.

What Role Does Music Play in Your Presentation?

The connection music makes with your presentation and the audience is the key here. Plus, listening to music while presenting makes your audience feel pleasant and travel with the presentation.

Music is an attraction and it’s a companion!

Let’s see what benefits music holds when it’s added to your presentation.

Benefits of Adding Music to Your Presentation

Music makes your presentation more attractive.

It helps you to have an easy understanding of your audience.

It creates a pleasant atmosphere and makes your audience interested in your presentation.

The music always helps the audience to memorize the important points easily.

Music has no language barriers. So, any language can provide interaction with the audience.

The audience is more likely to connect with your presentation if you relate the text to a piece of music.

Even a person in a bad mood can connect with your presentation.

Music stimulates your memory and eases you from any kind of depression.

That’s it. Of course, not. You’ll all have specific benefits that music serves. Please leave them in the comments.

Now, let’s see how you can insert music into our presentation.

Let’s Start Making Music for Your Presentation

Step 1: Go to your desktop and open PowerPoint.

Step 2: Choose the file where you want your music to be added

Step 3: Select the “Insert” option, third from the left.

Step 4: Click the “Insert” option.

Step 5: In the media column, second from the right, you’ll find the audio option.

Step 6: Select the audio option. You can get audio on my PC there.

Step 7: If you click audio on my PC, that will direct you to your computer’s saved documents. You can select the audio that will work best for your presentation.

Step 8: The chosen music tab will be displayed on the presentation.

Step 9: You can use the music wherever you need it.

Step 10: After adding the music for your presentation, go to the file option and save it.

Step 11: Your presentation with music is ready.

Bravo! You have done it.


Make your presentation more attractive and lively with the help of music. Hence, your audience may connect to your presentation and feel comfortable.

It means you respect your audience and try to give the message fully. This is what your audience deserves. Now, you are ready to give a bang!

To help you a bit more, you can refer to our tips and tricks page.

Don’t you have time to prepare for your presentation? No worries! Just drop your requirements to our PPT design service and consider that your work is done.

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