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How Can I Add Notes To My PowerPoint Presentation?

How can I Add Notes to My PowerPoint Presentation?

Did we have papers back in the past?

I hope we didn’t have that.

People scribed notes on stones, leaves, and other natural materials. The evolution of papers happened to be quite later after the emergence of computers.

Now we have many methods for taking notes where you can add or delete notes whenever you need. It’s not rocket science anymore.

Here is Slide Egg with enough information for you to learn how to take notes using the PowerPoint tool.

How Do Notes Help Your Presentation?

Making notes before a presentation helps you remember important information and ensures you have everything you need. You don’t lose track while presenting. The continuity is maintained throughout the presentation.

It is possible you can classify key points from that of additional ones. Now you can’t miss any vital points while presenting.

What is the use of giving hints, and how does it help you?
Making a hint will help you remember the points and how you intend to provide the information.

For instance, sticky notes are handy to add notes and carry with you. Similarly, you can make notes in PowerPoint that helps you at the time of presentation.

You might ask, “Won’t it be visible to my audience?”

And we affirm it won’t be!

The notes can’t be seen by your audience because of the simple reason that PowerPoint is made like that. When you present, only you will be able to see the notes.

Plus, you have the opportunity of editing while presenting. If you want to add or remove any points when you present, you can do that.

Let’s Learn How To Take Notes in PowerPoint

Step 1: Open the PowerPoint application on your desktop.

Step 2: Choose the file where you want to add notes.

Step 3: In the bottom right corner is a notes option.

Step 4: Click the Notes option.

Step 5: You can see the column below every slide with the “Click to add notes” option.

Step 6: To insert your notes, click the column.

Step 7: You can write a note at the bottom of every slide.

Step 8: You can hide your notes while projecting them into the presenter’s view.

Step 9: Go to the slideshow menu that can be seen in the fourth column from the right.

Step 10: You can see the presenter view on the monitor column, second from the right.

Step 11: Click the box “use presenter view”; there, it shows a tick mark in it.

Step 12: There are your notes in PowerPoint, which are only visible to the presenter.

Step 13: You can present your presentation without showing your notes to the audience.

End Note

The PowerPoint presentation with notes goes off without a hitch. And notes elevate your presentation and the experience.

Therefore, do have notes in your presentation and speak with confidence without losing any points.

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