Innovative Hyperion Planning Architecture Diagram PPT

Innovative Hyperion Planning Architecture Diagram PPT Product-id: 31861
Hyperion Planning Architecture Diagram PPT

Hyperion Planning Architecture Diagram PPT is an example of a Hyperion Building Designer product. Hyperion Building Designer is a business that provides educational and business tools to help architects, builders' staffs, with all things related to architectural drawings. Hyperion Building Designer can also be used to create and modify CAD (Computer-Aided Design) files. Hyperion Planning Architecture Diagram PPT is one of Hyperion's more unique products. It provides a way for the user to explore Hyperion's process of designing their buildings. If you are an architect or a builder who is considering Hyperion, you may want to consider this type of product for your business. The building planning architecture diagram, which is the bottom of the diagram, shows different phases of building. Each phase includes color and a graphical representation of the process. In the first phase, the architect chooses a theme and then creates a space on the drawing. The blue and green colored circles represent elements that will be placed in the space. These include the floors, walls, doors, furniture, windows, and other architecture and furnishings.

There are six shades of blue to represent that space is coordinated. Blue would be the foundation, green would be the main color, red would be the roof, yellow would be the walls, and black would be the furniture. The second phase consists of four different sections of the drawing. These sections include front of the building, east side of the building, west side of the building, and a potential view. The yellow circle represents the main focal point of the drawing. This is the area that is often used as a connection between different rooms. The yellow circle can include small details such as pictures, images, letters, names, logos, and anything else that can be placed on top of it. The east and west sides of the building will have wood beams, steel frames, and concrete walls. The common theme from these two sides is that the outside walls are mostly open. Inside, the east and west sides of the building are all enclosed by a steel frame and concrete walls. The final part of the planning architecture diagram PPT is the view. This section of the diagram uses a horizontal line to represent the path of the sun throughout the day. It then illustrates the areas of the building that are subject to direct sunlight. The colors used in this section of the diagram represent that different areas of the building are directly exposed to the sun throughout the day.

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