A Sixteen Noded Hyperion Planning Architecture Diagram PPT

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The Scope and Importance of Hyperion Planning Architecture Diagram (HPA)

Hyperion Planning Architecture Diagram (HPA) is a model of the entire project lifecycle to enable every element of a company to become a vital part of the process. It provides a unique solution for all types of planning processes and helps in defining and preparing the enterprise architecture. This paper discusses the relevance of the HPA and the way it relates to the different phases of the project life cycle.

For the process of the design process, clients, of course, require the process of the analysis of resources to be able to meet the various demands they are facing. Based on this, the project team then focuses on gathering and managing the required information through technical or data gathering tasks. The data collected from different fields and stakeholders are utilized to generate the knowledge base required for the project. As per the client's requirement, the knowledge base can be constructed using integrated information architecture.

The significant parts of the overall design process are presented in the project description, and the main phases are considered as the following. Part one is the technical portion. In this phase, the overall design and architecture are constructed based on the client requirements and strategy of the project. Next, the project teams gather the architectural components to construct the design architecture. This includes client requirements, technical architectures, project documentation, design, and material architecture.

After the design is constructed, it is then included in the resource identification phase. The client then identifies the required inputs and the expected outputs of the project and estimates the resources necessary to fulfill these. Next, the document management phase will need the project team to create the documents based on the information obtained from the client in the first step. After this phase, the main design processes are completed. These include service and document management and project scheduling. Next, the project team gathers the services that they need for the project. This includes vendor flow, procurement, and project management.

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