Free - Creative First Day Of Ramadan PowerPoint Presentation

Pack of 36 slides
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First Day Of Ramadan Presentation Slides

Celebrate the end of Ramadan with your best friends and family members, and make new memories to form a bond for many years to come. Featuring a set of slides that shows typical food in the Ramadan feast, recites the holy verse of the Quran on top of a green pattern, together with Arabic patterns and artworks. It has a blue background and some golden highlights that accurately depict the season. You have to pay off all your wishes and desires with this memorable holiday of yours.

Many of you may have some wishes that are difficult to fulfill. Have you ever thought about ideas to make your dreams come true? If your answer is affirmative, this is a perfect PPT Slide pack. Take a look at the excellent slides, and get ready to blow your mind away! There is so much to do, from going to the beach to shopping to partying. We will have a great time! It is designed to bring awareness to the holy month, whether it be for a presentation to announce a celebration or perhaps to help explain the tradition in Islam. Come and celebrate the end of Zulhaj with your friends and family! 

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