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How to Plan a Building Blocks PowerPoint Presentation?
A training course is a tool for enhancing the effectiveness of a building blocks PowerPoint presentation. This is especially important for large institutions that are always planning their training courses but still lack a clear and efficient plan to Decide on a process. You can use a predetermined sequence of building blocks PowerPoint or even the same building blocks. The primary goal is to ease participants in. Still, you may also want to consider other objectives, such as providing a concrete example and innovatively illustrating the process. Define deliverables. After determining a sequence of building blocks PowerPoint, you should decide what should be delivered at the end of the training course. Some examples would be lesson guides, practice tests, examples, demonstration videos, discussion boards, and step-by-step instructions. Divide the content into the learning phases. Some training course lessons should be broken down into learning phases.
Once you have defined deliverables and learnable parts, you can easily divide the course into these two phases. Identify stages in the process. By doing this, you will know which building blocks should be shown during the course. You should also know when to show different building blocks. For example, if you want to provide an example and explain a step-by-step process, you should choose a specific method for each video—plan for the presenter role. The presenter's role is the person who delivers the content. There are many presenter roles, which vary from showing a lesson guide, making a building blocks PowerPoint presentation, or participating in discussions with other participants. Focus on one task per presenter. You can split a training course into several parts that each have a specific presenter role. For example, during the process, you can break the lesson guide into several parts, such as the study guide, practice test, practice activities, and other study guides. If you want to include a demonstration in your process, you can have the presenter present different practice tests. Create video presentations. In PowerPoint, you can include images, multimedia, and other elements to make your building blocks PowerPoint presentation more interactive.